OZZ Pole

OZZ Pole

Locally manufactured, durable lightweight and bold. You can assemble Ozz Poles in less than one minute. The Ozz Poles are printed upon material to withstand the harsh conditions of outdoor Australia. Sizes up to 4.5 m high.

The system is a new method for displaying fabric flags and banners so that the image is viewed in full display at all times. This vertical, free-standing pole is constructed from tubular aluminium and is
collapsible for transportation. A variety of bases enables the pole to be used internally and externally, in calm or windy conditions. The pole rotates 360 degrees, according to the wind direction.

Outdoor Base Options

Choose from hard surface bases, turf spikes, water bases or outdoor bases that can be anchored with weight- water bags.

Three flag sizes

small – 450 x 1500mm

medium – 850 x 2700mm

large – 850 x 4250mm